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2021 WP Rocket Settings and Setup

Wp Rocket settings. It is pretty tedious to wait for a website to open when you click on it. This is a rule that applies everywhere. Nobody browses or browses a slow website. According to a study, people leave sites that are opened more than 2 seconds later.

If you have a site that opens slowly when people visit your site, you should know that they will exit immediately. In addition, speed is the most important criterion in terms of Google ranking criteria. When your Google ranking is bad, it will both decrease the number of visitors and cause a loss of revenue.

But don’t worry. We have good news for you. Today, we will give you some good information about improving the speed of your site. As you know, one of the most important plugins for WordPress is cache plugins. The best among the Cache plugins is the WP Rocket plugin. In this article, you can find information about how to download and install the WP Rocket plugin and how to configure it.

How much does Wp Rocket license cost?

WP Rocket is a paid plugin. If you want a fast opening site, you have to pay these fees. The plans and prices for the WP Rocket plugin are as follows;

  • Yearly $ 49: One year of support and updates for a website,
  • Yearly $ 99: One year of support and updates for 3 sites.
  • Yearly $ 249: One year of support and updates for unlimited sites.

Wp rocket plugin download and installation

First you need to purchase the plugin from the WP Rocket site.

  • Choose the plan you need, complete the payment.
  • After the purchase, the login information of your account is sent to your e-mail address. Use this information to login to the WP rocket site.
  • Download the plug-in to your computer with the “Download WP Rocket” option from the “My Account” section.
  • In the next step, login to your WordPress site. Upload the file you downloaded from the WP Rocket page by following the Extensions-Add new-Upload File steps.
  • Finally, you need to activate the plugin.

Best settings for WP rocket plugin 2021

After installing the plugin, log into the Wp Rocket-settings menu. Follow the steps below for the best settings of the plugin we use on our websites and get 99% results for Google Pagespeed. You can find detailed information about how to increase google pagespeed values in our article titled Google Pagespeed speed improvement.


  • Enable caching for mobile devices: If you are using AMP on your website, do not enable it. If you are not using an amp then activate it.
  • User cache: We recommend that you deactivate this part. However, if you are using user-specific or restricted content on your website, we recommend that you activate it.
  • Cache lifespan: You can set it for 24 hours. In this case, the cache will be cleared once every 24 hours.

File optimization

In the CSS file menu, you can activate and deactivate the menus below ;

  • Minify css files: Enable this feature.
  • Combine CSS Files ( Enable Minify CSS Files to Select): Disable this feature.
  • Optimize CSS delivery: Enable this feature.

In the javascript file menu, the menus you can activate and deactivate are as follows.

  • Minify Javascript files: Enable this feature.
  • Combine Javascript files ( Enable Minify Javascript Files to Select ): Disable this feature
  • Load Javascript deferred: Enable this feature.
  • Delay Javascript execution: Enable this feature.


The settings to be made in the Wp Rocket Media menu are as follows.

  • Lazyload: Enable all of the “Enable for images”, “Enable for iframes and videos” and “Replace Youtube iframe with preview image” menus in this section.
  • İmage Dimensions: In this section, activate the “Add missing image dimensions” menu.
  • Embeds: Activate the “Disable wordpress embeds” menu.
  • Webp compatibility: Do not activate this menu. You can use the imagfy plugin instead.

Generally, WP Rocket settings are as above. If you have a problem, write to us in the comments section.

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