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How to Write Seo Content in 2021

How to write seo content ? Writing SEO-compatible content is one of the most important issues for website owners. If you want organic traffic for your website and want to increase your organic traffic, your content must be Seo-friendly.

With the seofriendly tactics we will give you in this article, you can increase your organic traffic and update your old content in accordance with these methods. So How to create SEO content ? All Content trends 2021 will be given in detail in ourarticle.

How to write seo friendly content ?

There are many criteria for SEO compatible content. Now, I will discuss the things you need to pay attention to when writing SEO compatible content under separate headings.

1- Choosing the right title

You must choose the right title for your content. You should use long-tail words when choosing a title. You should also choose your titles from words with low competition rate. You can find low-competitive keywords with Ahrefs or similar apps.

2- Use H2, H3 tags in your article

Make sure to use at least one H2 and at least one H3 tag in your articles. It is also important to use the H2 and H3 subheadings correctly. Using the wrong subtitles can harm your site.Make sure to include your keyword in at least one of the subheadings.

3- Keyword usage in the article

Do not stuff your articles with keywords. This is a very old method and now google sees it as spam. It will be enough to spend it once at the beginning, middle and end of the post. Also, using a 100-character keyword that is generally considered adequate.

4-Meta description

Definitely enter the meta description of each post yourself. Have your keyword in the meta description. Also, let your meta description encourage clicking on your post.

5-Use images in text

Use at least one image of your articles. Include your keywords in the image description.

6-Use video content

Using video content related to the content of your article both increases the time to stay on the page and gives you more advantage over competing sites. If you can, open a youtube page and make your own videos.

7-Update your content

Current content is the most popular content by google. Check your content periodically. Try to use the words searched in Google related searches in your content and headings. Republish by refreshing the date of your article. This is one of the best SEO methods. When you do it this way, you will see your content rise quickly on Google.

8-Make your content original and simple

When writing a content, write for the reader, not for google. Google says: ” content is king.” Valuable and satisfying content always gets high on google. Do not write your content for 2021 search engines. Just write for the reader and try to best present the valuable information the reader is looking for.

9-Use internal linking

Bounce rate is one of the most important issues in googlen ranking. If the person coming to your site is spending time on your site and browsing other pages, be sure google will give you the reward.Therefore, it will be very useful for SEO if you give an internal link to another related article in your article and encourage clicking this link.

SEO content writing checklist 2021

So How to write SEO friendly article in  2021 ? Before you start writing an article;

  • Do the keyword research well.
  • Do not use highly competitive keywords in titles.
  • Create the main headline and subheadings with lower difficulty and long-tail keywords.
  • Try to use the most searched keywords in the article.
  • It is important that the article is useful for the reader, not long. Do not prolong the article with unnecessary words. Write as much as necessary.
  • Take care to use original images or video content related to the article.
  • Finally, read your own article from the reader’s point of view. If it’s ok for you, post it.

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