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How to Use Google Meet ?

How to use google meet.Google has opened Enterprise quality video conferencing access to everyone. Now, anyone with a Google account can create meetings of up to 100 people. Each session can be for up to 60 minutes.

Companies, schools and other Institutional organizations can set up meetings with up to 250 people. In addition, up to 100,000 people in the same area can use the Google Meet application with additional features such as live streaming.

What is Google Meet ?

Especially with Covid-19, the importance of distance trainings, video conference meetings has increased. Skype and Zoom, the most used applications in this field, now have a new competitor. This is Google Meet. Thanks to its easy interface and simple use, you will now be able to easily conduct distance trainings and meetings with the Google Meet application. The application is easier and safer to use than other live broadcast and meeting applications. You will be informed briefly about how to use it in the rest of our article.

How to use google meet app ?

Using the Google Meet app is easy. Having a Google Gmail account will be sufficient to start or join a meeting.  To join or start a scheduled meeting;

  • Log in to the page here from your computer  ⇒
  • When you enter this page, if you are going to start a meeting, create a meeting by saying New Meeting and then send the code to those you want to invite.
  • If you are going to attend a meeting you are invited to, then enter the meeting by entering the code or link sent to you in the “Enter Code or Link” section. That’s all that easy. So you can easily create or join an existing meeting from the computer.

It is also very easy to connect to the Google Meet app or create a meeting with Android or iOS devices.

  • First, download the Google Meet app to your phone or device.
  • Sign in to the app with your Google account.
  • You can then start a meeting from the New Meeting section or connect to the Google Meet app by entering the Code sent to you or clicking the link.

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Works with other meeting apps

One of the prominent features of the Google Meet application is that it can be used with other meeting applications.Skype for Business or other meeting applications running on SIP and H.323 systems can be integrated with the Google Meet application.

Can external participant join the meeting ?

You can definitely participate. We have provided information on how to start a meeting above. You can invite as many participants to the meeting by following this way. It will be enough to send the participation code to the user you want to invite.

Do you need any app to use Google Meet ?

No app is required to use Google Meet. Just having a google account is enough to use it. Also, just use one of the Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browsers supported by Google Meet.

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