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How to Use Google Classroom ?

How to use google classroom.Google Classroom is a virtual classroom application developed by Google. Thanks to this application, teachers can easily assign homework to students, get feedback efficiently, and communicate easily. Moreover, these services are offered completely free of charge.

You can find all questions and answers about the application in our article and you can access detailed information about how the application is used. You can also learn how to use Google Classroom by watching the video below the article.

What can be done with Classroom ?

This is literally a virtual classroom. What you can do with this tool are as follows;

  • The teacher can create different classes according to the different lessons and subjects of the lessons.
  • It can allow students to register for classes and share announcements, assignments, and questions with them.
  • In addition, more than one teacher can be assigned to classes and used by more than one teacher.

How to use Classroom ?

Using the application is completely free. Having a Google account is sufficient for use. Also using the application is very simple.

  • First, login to the application homepage here ⇒
  • Log into the Google Classroom page with your Gmail account here.
  • When you log in, you will see the homepage of the application.
  • You will see the “+” sign on the Top Right of the Homepage.
  • From here, you can open a new class or join an existing class.
  • If you are going to join a class as a student, use the “Join Class” section. You can join here by entering the code given to you by the teacher.
  • If you are going to open a new class as a teacher, then you should create a new class from the “CREATE CLASS” section. After entering and creating all the information about the class, you must send the code to the students you want to invite.
  • Thus, the class will be formed. Here is all that simple :).

How to use google classroom for students ?

We explained above how to create a new classroom for the teacher. The teacher sends the code to the students after creating the Google Classroom class.

  • The student logs in to the Google Classroom homepage with their gmail account.
  • By pressing the “+” button at the top right, it enters the “Join Class” section.
  • Here he enters the code given by the teacher and joins the created class.

The app has everything needed

The Classroom application has been developed in conjunction with Teachers to simplify all operations.

  • Better feedback can be given using the comment bank.
  • Homework can be securely assigned and students’ lecture grades can be entered.
  • Class discussions can be published and interpreted.
  • You can keep all the resources regularly on the coursework page.
  • You can use other necessary and favorite apps with Google Clasroom.
  • You can edit assignments, change previous assignments, and add new assignments to them.
  • These applications: ClassCraft, Pear Deck, Quizizz, Tynker.

We tried to give the necessary information and how to use the Google Classroom application in this article. I hope it was useful to you.If you have a question about Google Classroom, you can ask it in the comments section.

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