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How to Use Ad İnserter ?

How to use ad inserter ? Adinserter is one of the most used plugins for google adsense ad insert.It has a very easy and simple interface especially for website owners who have no knowledge of code and are just starting to work.

If you have Google Adsense approval, you can increase your earnings with a correct ad placement. In this article, you can find all the details about adding ads with Adinserter.

How to place ad in wordpress inserter ?

Adinserter gives you the right to add 16 ads in the free version.16 advertising spaces will be more than enough for you.After installing Adinserter on your website, login to the Settings-Adinserter section in the WordPress panel.

ad inserter

There are 16 advertising placement areas on the plugin homepage. These fields are named Block1, Block2. You can name the Block1, Block2, Block3 fields yourself. Now let’s explain step by step how you can make google adsense ad placement with Adinserter.

Step 1

First, create an ad code from your google adsense panel. Place this code you created in the black area starting from Block1.

Step 2

You can give a name to the ad code you have taken from the Google adsense panel and pasted into the Adinserter field in Block 1. For example, in-text advertising.

Then select the pages you want to show this ad code in the Posts, Homepage, Category Pages, Static Pages, Search Pages, Tag / Archive Pages section under the screen. You can make a single choice or you can make multiple choices.

  • Post: Allows you to add ads to the post content.
  • Homepage: Provides the opportunity to add advertisements to the website homepage.
  • Category Pages: Allows you to add ads to your category pages.
  • Static Pages: Provides ad placement on fixed pages.
  • Search Pages: Provides the opportunity to add ads to search pages.
  • Tag / Archive Pages: Provides the opportunity to add advertisements to the tag and archive pages.

Step 3

After choosing the fields where you want the ad code to be shown, you need to set where the ad will be shown.This is the most important part of the job. Correct ad placement increases your earnings.

  • Devices: In this section, you can select the devices to show the advertisement. If you do not make a selection here, the ad you add by default will be shown on all devices such as mobile, tablet, desktop. However, here you can make a selection if you want to show this ad code on only one device. For example, if you want it to be shown only on mobile, you should choose in this section as in the picture below.
adinserter only mıobil insert ad
  • Misc: In this section, you can make more settings for the ad space. For example, if you will only add ads to the AMP page, choose as in the image above, select the AMP Pages option in the insertion section in this section.Thus, the ad code you add will only appear on mobile and amp pages.

Step 4

In this section, you need to make detailed settings about where the advertisement will be seen. In the inserteion section;

  • Before Post: Displays ads before content.
  • Before content: Adds an ad before all content, at the top of the content.
  • Before paragraph: Displays ads before the paragraph. If you want the ad to be shown before the number of paragraphs, you need to write this number in the section next to it. For example, if you want your ad to appear before the second paragraph, write “2” next to it.
  • After paragraph: It allows the ad to be added after the paragraph. For example, if you type 4 here, your ad will be shown after the 4th paragraph.If you type 0.50 here, it will add an ad in the middle of the post. For example, if you type% 4 here, an ad will be shown every 4 paragraphs.
  • Before image: Adds an ad before the featured image of the post.
  • After image: The article adds an advertisement right after the featured image.
  • After content: Adds an advertisement at the bottom of the content.
  • After post: Adds ads at the bottom of the content.
  • Before excerpt: Inserts an ad just before the quoted text.
  • After excerpt: Adds an ad just below the quoted text.
  • Between posts: It allows you to insert ads between posts on the home page, category pages.
  • Before comments: It allows you to add an advertisement just before the comments.
  • Between comments: It provides the opportunity to add advertisements between comments. Type in how many comments you want them to add in the field next to it. For example, if you want every 2 comments, enter 2 here.
  • After comments: Allows you to add ads after comments.
  • Footer: Allows you to add advertising to the footer area.

Alignment: In this section, you can mark the exact area in which the advertisement will be shown. For example, you can choose the right side, left side or center.

I tried to explain to you as best I could. If there is something on your mind, I can reply in the comments section.

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