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How to İncrease Organic Traffic to Website 2021

How to increase organic traffic to website ?. Organic traffic from Google is very valuable to all website owners. Organic traffic is very important for those who do e-commerce, sell services on the site and earn google adsense income. Especially with the increase of competition, it has become quite difficult to obtain organic traffic. However, you can increase the organic traffic of your site with the 2021 website traffic increase methods we will give in our article.

How to increase organic search traffic ?

Google determines the rankings based on more than 200 criteria. All these criteria are important for your website, but the ones we have mentioned below are among the most important. Now let’s try to explain the organic traffic increase methods of the website in separate titles. I applied these and soon observed an increase in my organic traffic as in the picture below. In the continuation of our article, you can find detailed information about how to increase organic traffic to your website.

increase website organic traffic

1- Website speed

One of the most important criteria in Google rankings is the speed of the website. Websites that are opened generally under 3 seconds are considered fast. If you want to increase your organic traffic, the first thing you need to do is to speed up your website if the speed is low.

With the latest algorithm updates, Google has started to give more importance to speed, especially on the mobile side. You should test your site with Google Pagespeed to make sure it is above the desired values.Although many people say that google pagespeed values are unimportant, google now performs speed tests of sites with this tool.

2- Quality, mobile and SEO compatible theme

Theme selection is as important as the speed of your website for organic traffic. Using heavy themes that are not SEO compatible can harm you in organic traffic. Google likes simple themes. Pay attention to using simple, seo compatible and fast themes.

3-Keyword research

Before starting your content, do a good research with keyword tools. Use low-competitive, long-tail words in your headlines. Likewise, use long tail and low competition keywords in your subheadings. This is the key that will lead you to success.Make sure your keyword appears in your content title, first paragraph and meta description. Likewise, write your keyword at least once in the in-article images.

4-Do not write your content for google

Do not write your content for google or other search engines. Write it as if you are talking to someone and telling the subject to him. When you write really satisfying content and the content is useful for the user, the recycling will be faster for you.

5-Pay attention to social media

Use the power of social media for your website. Create a beautiful profile for your website on all social media platforms. Post around here regularly. If your content gets interaction on social media, your google ranking will increase in a short time.

6-Use video in your content

Use content-related videos in your content. If you can, open a youtube account for your website and add your own videos to both youtube and your content. Leave your site link on your Youtube page. In case of recycling, there may be an increase in the rankings.

7-Get quality backlinks

Although many people say that baclinks are no longer important, this is not true at all. The more quality references a site has, the more valuable that site will be in the eyes of Google.You can get promotional articles from your competitor sites with the same content as your site, and also get quality profile links from gov or edu sites. These links will be very useful for your site.

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