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How to Get Adsense Approval in 2021 ( 100% Approval)

How to get adsense approval ? Google adsense is one of the best ways to make money for website owners. However, Google does not approve every website and some conditions must be met in order to obtain approval. If you are also researching the requirements for google adsense approval and want fast approval, then you are in the right place. By applying the Google AdSense requirements described in this article, you can definitely get google adsense approval.

Google adsense approval criteria in 2021

We have listed the items required to get Google Adsense approval under separate headings below. You must meet all specified criteria to get fast approval. Criteria for google adsense approval are given below under separate headings.

1- Quality domain

The first condition is domain. The domain must not be used before, the index must be clean, and most importantly, it must not have a google adsense or google ban.There are many sites on the internet where you can research whether there is a google or google adsense ban.

First, do research on whether the domain is banned from these sites and buy the domain paying attention to this. If you have previously purchased a domain banned by google, you will not be able to get confirmation with it.

Finally, we recommend that you send your website for google adsense approval after at least 30 days have passed from the date you bought the domain.

2-Fast and SEO compatible theme

In second place is the website theme, which is another important criterion.Your theme must be fast, seo compatible and most importantly mobile compatible. We do not recommend free themes. If you can, buy a paid, fast and responsive theme. The theme and menus should be useful.

3-Add your site to google search console and analytics

Connect your website to google search console and google analytc with a secure gmail account. If you are using wordpress, you can easily do this with the Google Site Kit plugin.

4-Quality and original content

Content is perhaps the most important criterion for google adsense approval. You can never get confirmation with copy content. Your content should be original and user-oriented. Also, be careful not to pass words such as porn, erotic, cheating, gambling that are against the adsense policies. When you send it for the first approval, if any of these words appear in one of your content, you will most likely be rejected for a policy violation.

So how many content should be at least for google adsense approval ? This question is asked frequently. Actually there is no exact number for this. However,

  • Make sure that your content is long,
  • consists of at least 500 words,
  • At least 30 content on your site,
  • At least 3 categories,
  • And content is evenly distributed across categories.
  • In addition, using subtitles such as H1, H2 and H3 in your content will reflect to you as a plus point.

5-Contact page

Another important criterion for Google adsense is the contact page. If you do not have a contact page, you will definitely get rejected. So before applying, create a contact page.

6-Cookie policy page

One of the sine qua non criteria is the cookie policy page. It does not give adsense approval to websites that do not have a Google cookie policy page. So create a cookie policy page and publish this page. You can use standard cookie policies. Also, show this page to the user at the launch of the website. In other words, the user continues to browse the site after accepting this page. You can easily do this with a plugin.

7-About us page

Another page you need to create before applying is the about us page. Briefly tell about yourself on this page. Add a profile picture if possible.

8- Privacy policy page

Create a privacy policy page. On this page, provide information about the applications you use on the site, what they do, and the data they collect. If you don’t know how to do it, you can continue using one of the standard privacy policy pages on the internet.


Do not apply for google adsense as soon as you open your website. You can now apply when your articles and pages are indexed on google and the site visit starts organically. We recommend that you submit the application 30 days after entering the first content.

10- We are now ready to apply

If you have completed everything required above, you can now apply. Make sure that the gmail account you apply for is old, belongs to a real person, and that personal information is entered correctly and accurately. Another adsense account must not be active on the applied computer or ip address. Because in such a case, if you already have an account, you will receive a warning and a rejection may come

To apply, you can login here⇒ After entering the application screen, type your site address and follow the screen instructions. Add the code given to you after the application to your site and wait for the email for approval.

When should i add adsense to my blog ?

In order for a website to apply for google adsense, at least 6 months should have passed after the domain was purchased. However, this application has been removed with the latest regulations made by google. You can apply at any time by adding the adsense code to your site, but you should wait for the right time.

My advice to you;

  • The domain must be at least 1 month old,
  • Entering at least 20 and organic articles or content,
  • It will be useful to apply after the site starts to receive visitors organically.

How long does adsense approval take ?

So how long adsense approval ? It is difficult to give a clear answer to the question of How long does it take to get AdSense approved. You will usually receive approval within 24-48 hours at the latest. If you meet all of the above requirements, you can get adsense approval within 48 hours at the latest.

However, in some cases, Adsense responds to you in a longer time. Usually, a response is received within 14 days at the latest.

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