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How to Get 100/100 Points on Google PageSpeed Insights with WordPress

How to Get 100/100 Points on Google PageSpeed Insights with WordPress ? Google PageSpeed Insights is site speed testing software by Google. As you know, speed is one of the most important criteria for SEO. The speed factor has become more important, especially with the use of mobile by most of the users.

Google will release a major algorithm update in the coming days. In this new algorithm, speed will be the most important criterion. Sites with weak technical infrastructure and slow opening will suffer a great loss of rankings.

So test your site with Google PageSpeed Insights. If your site is slow and scoring low for Google Page Speed, try to fix this quickly. In this article, you will be given advice on how to make a Google Pagespeed score 100/100%.

What is Google PageSpeed Insights  ?

As we mentioned above, it is a software test application prepared by Google. With this test, Google gives your site a score based on certain criteria.The score test is done with two different criteria.

Google offers shortcomings, scoring on your site for desktop and mobile. By completing these identified deficiencies, you can make your site user-friendly. In the rest of our article, you will be given information about how to increase your Google Pagespeed Insights score.

How to increase your WordPress Google Page Speed score ?

Opening a wordpress site is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Anyone who has the Internet and knows how to use a computer can open a site. However, the important thing is to make user-friendly and fast sites. Because these two criteria are among the most important criteria in Google rankings. Now I will give information about the errors and solutions for Google Pagespeed respectively.

1-Reduce server response time

To improve the reduce server response time error, all you need to do is use a good cache plugin. I use the WP Rocket plugin for my own websites. I have tested all cache plugins but I can say that the best cache plugin for Google Pagespeed Insight is WP Rocket plugin.

2-Optimize images

Another error encountered for Google Pagespeed Insight is the error of optimize images. All images on your website directly affect the opening speed of your website. The best solution for this error is to use an image compression plugin. Here are the best WordPress plugins you can use to optimize images;

  • Shortpixel,
  • TinyPNG,
  • Kraken,

3- Remove Render blocking JavaScript and CSS in above the fold content

Javascript and CSS codes must work correctly in order for a website to be viewed correctly through the browser. The Cache plugin does this for you. By using the WP Rocket plugin, you can make Java and CSS files minimized, thus making your site open faster.

4-Enable Compression

Another warning for Google Pagespeed Insigt is the enable compression warning. For this you need to enable GZIP compression. For this, you need to activate the WP Rocket cache plugin or the GZIP compression plugin of the cache plugin you use.

Does Google PageSpeed insights score affect rankings ?

With the Google Algorithm Update, which will be coming from March 2021, it will directly affect the ranking. For this reason, raise your Google Pagespeed Insigts score and correct mistakes as soon as possible.

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