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How Does Whatsapp Make Money ?

How does whatsapp make money . Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging and calling applications in the world. Whatsapp offers all of its services to its users for free. It doesn’t charge for calls, messaging or any of the other features.This is where the question comes to mind: How does Whatsapp make money ?

We do not see ads when using Whatsapp. Or, when moving from one page to another, we don’t see any ads when we share status. But how is it that Whatsapp makes money ? In this article, we will try to give detailed information about Whatsapp’s monetization model.

So how does Whatsapp make money right now ?

The most important features of Whatsapp compared to other applications are low data consumption, ad-free and simple structure. This application, which has always been working on simplicity and planning to serve without advertising since the first day it was launched, continues to serve without advertising today.

Before Whatsapp was sold to Facebook, it was free for the first year and paid for the next year. Thus, he earned about $ 100 million in revenue. However, this model was changed after it was bought by Facebook. The earning model of this application currently used by Facebook is completely different. Okay we got it, but how does Whatsapp make money?

Whatsapp is currently making money from two sources. The first is WhatsApp for Business API and the other is Click to Whatsapp ads.

With Whatsapp Business Api,

  • Businesses can create product catalogs,
  • Provide customer support,
  • answer customers’ questions via Whatsapp and,
  • Help to solve problems.

In Click to Whatsapp, another earning model;

  • Another earning model in Click to Whatsapp;
  • These advertisements are given on Facebook.
    If users click, they are directed to Whatsapp.
  • It is aimed to be a member of Whatsapp and to reach more.

Let’s briefly reconsider the above. Whatapp is one of the applications with the most users in the world. This means having lots of user data for remarketing. Facebook or Whatsapp can make billions of dollars from just selling this information. We are currently not seeing ads on Whatsapp, but this may change in the future. You can access Whatsapp terms of use and all details at

How to use Whatsapp web ?

One of the most beautiful features of Whatsapp is that it can be used on a computer. If you are a person working on the computer constantly, you can send and receive messages, send and receive files or content on the computer using Whatapp Web.To use Whatsapp Web, follow the steps below;

  • First, log in to the page here:
  • Start the Whatsapp application on your phone.
  • Here, tap on the Whatsappweb option in the settings section.
  • Scan the QR code on the Whatsappweb page.
  • It’s that easy now you can connect.
  • You can now use Whatsapp on the computer. You can send and receive your videos, pictures and content on the computer.
  • We wish you good use :).

We tried to provide information about the Whatsapp monetization model. You can also let us know your opinions and suggestions in the comments section.

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