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5 Graphically Advanced Online Games

These days, most video games are made with 3D graphics.

Five graphically advanced online games use modern web technology and HTML5 to create compelling 2D graphical experiences as good as the latest 3D blockbusters.

Here are five graphically advanced online games:

1. Kokogeddon

Kokogeddon is a fast-paced arcade game where you control a team of four Koko warriors who must defend themselves against evil enemies such as aliens and zombies. The gameplay is straightforward; all you need to do is click with your mouse (or tap on mobile!), and then Kokos will run towards that location, taking care of anything they come across along the way. You can upgrade them to make them more powerful, and then they’ll be able to do things like shoot enemies or use items.

You can play Kokogeddon on Kongregate, but if you want to host your copy of it, the source code is available on GitHub.

2. The Peacekeeper by Armor Games

The Peacekeeper is a sidescroller where players must defend their base with a turret against an onslaught of attackers. The game uses pixel art graphics which are all hand-drawn by the developer with his tablet PC. There are over 100 weapons to unlock in order to beef up your turrets’ firepower, as well as 16 different kinds of enemy units that will attack you relentlessly until one side has been destroyed entirely. You can also play on Armor Games.

3. Book of Dead by PlayNGo

Book of Dead is a slot game with a colorful, cartoon-style aesthetic. Rather than using mouse control to point and click on a slot button, players can also use their keyboards, allowing them to interact independently from the cursor to make it more comfortable and fun. You can sign for free play access here by playing this online game via browser.

4. 5 Minutes Rage by Eric Froemling

The gameplay in 5 Minute Rage is a simple arcade shoot them up, where you must try to defeat five enemy waves while avoiding their attacks. However, the unique twist on it is that each of the weapons has a remarkable ability which can be activated by pressing a particular key, and these abilities range from deploying a decoy that will attract your enemies to holding them in place with a tractor beam so that they can’t attack you for a few seconds. You can play at Kongregate, but there’s also an HTML5 version on the developer’s website.

5. Ninja Slash by Studio Kontrabida

Ninja Slash is an all-new action RPG where players must battle through waves of enemies to climb up a tower. The game features well-drawn cartoon graphics and fluid animations, not to mention sprinkles of humor that lighten the mood for this fast-paced game. You can play at Kongregate, but there’s also an HTML5 version on the developer’s website.

And those are five graphically advanced online games! If you want more, don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list.

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