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Free Zoom Accounts and Passwords 2021

Free zoom account. Zoom is an application where online meetings and meetings can be held. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, interest in applications such as Zoom has increased.

The closure of schools and other educational institutions and the transition to online education also increased the demand for the Zoom application. Zoom is not only used for online education. Corporate companies also use the Zoom application for online meetings.

The services provided by the Zoom app are free. However, you must create an account. We offer ready-made accounts for you and you can log in directly with these accounts.

All of these accounts are real accounts. They are not accounts created with the program. After logging in with one of these accounts, change the login information. If you cannot login, please write to us and we will send you a new account.

Zoom free accounts 2021

The current account list is shared below. All accounts are constantly updated.

  1. [email protected]: 25263asss
  2. [email protected]: 36r92sas
  3. [email protected]: 1425s33ss
  4. [email protected]: 369812sss
  5. [email protected]: 253ertrtss
  6. [email protected]: 3s82sss
  7. [email protected]: 142ssssa
  8. [email protected]: 362srfsssa
  9. [email protected] : 253stcssss
  10. [email protected]: 2363ssetss
  11. [email protected]: 1421sacase
  12. [email protected]: 852ssassss
  13. [email protected]: 171ascass
  14. [email protected]: 251ascac
  15. [email protected]
  16. [email protected]: 252ascaa
  17. [email protected]: 141acasa3
  18. [email protected]: s471acass
  19. [email protected]: 142ascaca
  20. [email protected]: 1425sasss

Would you like to learn how Zoom calls are recorded? Then you can visit our How To Record A Zoom Meeting page right away.

New free zoom accounts list 2021

Below is the list of new accounts where you can access the Zoom app for free. You can also use one of these accounts.

About zoom

It is one of the most used applications in this field that enables online meetings, training and meetings. All features can be used free of charge in the Zoom application.

You can use the application by downloading it to your android or ios based phones or you can connect from your computer. It works smoothly on all devices.

Zoom free account limitations

The free maximum meeting time in the free version of the Zoom app was 40 minutes. However, with the latest arrangement, zoom free account limits were removed and there is no time limit for meetings anymore.

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