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Free Transformice Accounts and Passwords 2021

Free Transformice Accounts. Hello there. I will share free transformice pro accounts with you today. All shared Transformice free pro accounts and Transformice passwords are real accounts. You can enjoy unlimited features by using one of these Transformice com free accounts logins and passwords.

After logging in with one of the username and password, change the information. Try to login with all transformice publisher accounts. If you cannot login, write to us in the comments section and we will send you a new transformice codes.

Transformice free accounts 2021

Current user name and password lists are given below. If you could not log in with one of these accounts, write to us immediately and we will send you a new account. The first line is the username, the part after the dot is the password.These accounts are Free transformice accounts pro with fur accounts.

  • Aoutbott: 142a3ss81a
  • Sevkla14: 14256a3ss
  • Transrt: 362a82sss
  • Transformice: 1482aesaa
  • Polli14: 142563ass
  • Transits: 8596aersa
  • Nono14: 142a6382s
  • Savkigu: 14253saada
  • Yasnagu: 143a923s
  • Olulss25: 253a6951a
  • Nokano: 1423a9ss
  • Bikabika: 17483ass
  • Ariolla: 1482as3
  • Savioya2536: 14253s
  • Cimoneyi: 9681assascaca
  • Cimotemalele: 3962a11s51s

About Transformice

It is a multiplayer game platform created by the French. The game first met with the players on 01 May 2010. It is played by many people around the world.

There is a task given to each player in the game. This task is to collect a piece of cheese on the map and return to the mousehole. For each cheese collected, the player earns points.

The player with the highest score becomes the Shaman. The shaman’s task is to help other players collect cheese. The game is constantly updated and new items are added to the game.

How to play Transformice ?

Playing the game is very easy. Basically, the way the game is played is as follows;

  • Arrow keys or WASD keys are used for movements such as moving, jumping and leaning in the game.
  • To collect cheese in the game, it is necessary to touch the cheese.
  • A player who comes out of the mouse hole must collect cheese in order to return to the mousehole.
  • The number of cheese and mouse holes is not the same on all maps. It can vary from map to map.
  • The player who buys cheese and returns to the slot earns points. High score winners become Shamans and assist other players.

Haven’t got a new transformice usernames and passwords yet? Then write in the comments section and we will send you a new transformice free account.

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