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Free Shutterstock Accounts and Passwords 2021

Free shutterstock accounts. Shutterstock is one of the world’s largest providers of photography, vectors and images. The main reason why the site is the world’s largest content producer is the quality of the content and the strict control of the editors.

The photos uploaded by the members of the system are examined from all sides. Many features such as originality, clarity, shadow details are approved after auditing. Unoriginal photos are never approved.

How to Use Shutterstock ?

You must have a passport to become a member of the website. If you do not have a passport, you cannot register. The second thing you need to do after becoming a member is to open a USD account. After that, you need to open an account at Moneybookers, the money transfer site. You need to transfer the money you earn from the Shutterstock page to your account via the Moneybookers transfer system.

Is Shutterstock Free ?

On this site, visual and content sellers and areas meet. Therefore, there are two separate membership systems. If your goal is to make money, you need to open a seller account. Opening a seller account is free. Opening a buyer account is also free, but you have to pay to make a purchase. Now here we have good news for you :).

The following list has both buyer and seller accounts ready. Vendor accounts are legacy accounts and some also have money balances. Buyer accounts are also premium accounts and you can download unlimited content with these accounts.

Shutterstock free accounts (for free download) 2021

Free buyer accounts are shared below. With some accounts, unlimited downloads can be made, while with some accounts you can download a certain amount of content. All accounts are current and old accounts. If you cannot login with one of these buyer accounts, please write to us in the comment section and we will send you a new account.

Free shutterstock accounts for seller 2021

If you want to sell in the system, you can trade with the following verified and old accounts. Normally, membership is a little difficult and you will be asked for a passport for membership. However, we have made it easy for you. By logging in with these accounts, you can upload content and start selling. After logging in, you can enter your own credentials by changing the membership information. Most accounts also have money, and you can transfer these funds to your bank account if you want.

Haven’t received an account yet? Write in the comment section immediately and we will send you a new account.

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