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Account Shared Cookie Policies
What is a Cookie?
A cookie, or “cookie” as it is known, is a small text file or information saved on your computer or mobile device (such as a smartphone, tablet) when you visit our sites ( using mobile and desktop devices. Cookies usually contain the names of the websites they come from, their lifetime (how long they will stay on your device) and random numbers.

What Do We Use For?
We use cookies to make our sites easier to use, to adjust to your interests and needs, and to personalize our users for smart ad display. Websites are able to read and write these cookie files so that important information about you is remembered (such as remembering your preference settings) in order to be recognized and offer you a more suitable website.

Cookies also help speed up your future actions on our sites. In addition, we may use cookies to collect statistical information about the use of our sites in order to understand how visitors use our sites and to improve the design and usability of our sites.

Which Types Do We Use?
We use two types of cookies across our sites: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies and are valid only until you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain on your hard drive until you delete them or expire (in this way, how long the cookies will remain on your device will depend on the “lifetime” of the cookies).

Third Party Cookies (3th Party Cookies)
When you visit our sites, we may allow our business partners, advertising platforms, social media platforms and these service providers, which provide analytical information collection services, to provide their services, to save cookies on your devices for us. For more information about these cookies and for detailed information on how to control these cookies, please review the privacy policies or cookie policies of these third party institutions and organizations.


Cookie Used
What Does It Do?
Monitoring / Analysis Provides anonymous collective data about where you navigate and what you do within the Account Shared site Permanent, session and 3rd party Google Analytics
YouTube Watching
Social Media / Posting allows you to share Comments, pages, bookmarks and helps provide easier access to social networks and social tools. 3rd party Facebook
Cross-site tracking Provides anonymous information about visitors, such as sites visited before and after the Account Shared website. Persistent, session and 3rd party
Location Provides the determination of the approximate address (city, district, zip code) of the user through the IP address of the user and the most suitable ones according to the content and advertisement preferences of the user. Session, 3rd party Mobile Advertising platforms
Google Analytics These types of cookies allow the collection of all statistical data to improve the presentation and use of the Site. By adding data on social statistics and interests to these statistics, Google enables us to better understand users. Persistent, session and 3rd party Google Analytics
How can you control or delete cookies?
Most internet browsers are set to automatically accept cookies by default. You can change these settings to block cookies or alert when cookies are sent to your device. There are several ways to manage cookies. For detailed information on how to edit your browser settings, please refer to your browser’s instruction or help screen.

If you disable the cookies we use, this action may affect your user experience on Account Shared sites; For example, you may not be able to view certain parts of the Account Shared site or access the information customized for you when you visit an Account Shared site.

If you are using different devices (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to view Account Shared sites, you need to make sure that each browser on each of these devices is set to match your cookie preferences.

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